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The Code Farm, LLC is a privately owned and operated consulting company founded in 2005 by Jennifer España. The company is centrally located in Union, New Jersey and is about 30 minutes from NYC. The Code Farm specializes in helping clients develop custom solutions for their software needs. It offers a variety of services that range from static website implementations to enterprise-level web-based solutions. The Code Farm prides itself in working closely with its customers to achieve the highest quality product.



Jennifer specializes and is certified in Microsoft technologies, such as ASP.NET, .NET, and SQL Server, but has experience with other technologies as well. She has been working as a developer and systems architect since 1995 and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science. She has worked in large and small companies alike and has experience working with teams in remote locations. Depending on the needs of her clients, Jennifer has worked as a member of their in-house systems team or has implemented solutions independently. In addition to Microsoft technologies, Jennifer also has experience building and supporting WordPress and Joomla sites.

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Past Work



Solix Inc
Technology Services Industry
November 2015 – Present

Working as a full-stack .NET developer on the new AT&T Lifeline project. Responsible for the development of a back office web application used by Operations. Users will use the product to review applications and supporting documentation submitted by customers, applying for Lifeline benefits. The reviewer will then approve or deny the application as required. Currently, the web application supports 19 different states with customized screens for state specific criteria.

The web application is being built using AngularJS 1.4.x, HTML 5.0, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Telerik Kendo controls. The application communicates with a Web API built on the .NET framework in C# and Entity Framework. It uses LINQ queries and stored procedures to perform database CRUD operations. The database is running on SQL Server 2012 hosted on AWS.

Responsibilities include the development of AngularJS directives that can be reused on different views, development of services, views, and controllers. Also develop and maintain Web API functionality and models that will be used by the UI. Furthermore, responsible for implementing and managing database related changes required by the application. This includes the writing/updating of procedures, altering the data model, and loading tables with data.

Project team is composed of a PM, a BA, a project lead, 2 DBA’s, 3 developers (including myself) and 2 QA testers.

Technology: C#, AngularJS 1.4.x, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Telerik Kendo controls, SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework, .NET Framework, Team Foundation Server


Verus Claims Services, LLC
Legal Services Industry
June 2015 – October 2015

Reprised role as contractor to update the client’s existing claims management system to support a new line of business. Verus primarily supports asbestos trusts, but recently acquired a new trust administering pediatric dental claims. Worked closely with the business analyst, product owner, and CEO to develop requirements and implement the required work. Responsibilities included creating a new SQL Server database, migrating claim data from another database and Excel files, setup a new code base based on the existing application, implement the required changes, setup the web servers, and manage and perform the release of the application to QA, UAT, and PROD.
Technology: C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, jQuery, JavaScript, .NET Framework, SQL Server, Team Foundation Server

Senior Developer/Team Lead (Contractor)

United States Golf Association
Sports Industry (Golf)
December 2013 – May 2015

Responsible for the technical design and implementation of TPP Viewer, a new product in the GHIN Tournament Pairing Program® suite. The web application was designed with ease of use in mind. The initial release offered a three step wizard that allowed the event admins to select a tournament, define scoring options, and select (and customize) a professionally designed theme. Items that could be customized were left and right logos (new and existing), hiding background images, uploading new background images, selecting previously saved images, and setting the interval time that the scores would be displayed for each group of golfers. Upon completing the wizard, a leaderboard would be displayed and would be populated with real-time data that was updated at the end of each cycle using GHIN® web services. It would continue to poll for data as needed for the length of time the leaderboard page was open. The product was built using ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, jQuery, .NET 4.5, C# and SQL Server. Was also responsible for modifying the web services to include new TPP Viewer functionality and for adding the supporting database objects. Database changes affected 120+ databases. Coordinated release with data services team and personally handled web application release to web servers. As part of the TPP Viewer initiative, set up and maintained the Visual Studio Online project area that was used for source control and work item management. Trained fellow team members on VSO usage.

Team lead and development owner for the GHIN Tournament Pairing Program® suite for Associations. Responsible for the maintenance and update of all products in the suite. Work with business owner, business analyst, and testers to plan, develop, and release changes. Also responsible for the coordination and deployment of releases to production. Worked closely with data services team to maintain and coordinate changes to 120+ association databases, ensuring that code changes were released correctly as needed.

Currently, working closely with system architect to review framework and technical requirements for GHIN® 2.0. As part of this initiative have begun learning Azure technologies such as Azure SQL Database.

Technology: C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, .NET Framework, SQL Server, Subversion, Visual Studio Online

Developer (Contractor)

Sports Industry (Boxing)
December 2014 – Present

Part-time remote consulting position. IBF/USBA is a non-profit organization that promotes greater efficiency and uniformity in the supervision of professional boxing and encourages and assists professional boxing. The company’s website had been developed by a third party, who was no longer able to support the site. Currently responsible for the maintenance of the site, debugging and resolving reported issues and adding additional features as needed.

Technology: Visual Studio Online, Azure Virtual Machine, Joomla, PHP, MySQL

Developer (Contractor)

Garshan Associates
IT Recruitment Firm
December 2014

Garshan Associates is an IT recruitment firm that wanted to migrate their existing site to WordPress and to a new hosting company. Responsible for migrating the site to WordPress and also setting up the site on Network Solutions.

Technology: WordPress, MySQL

Developer (Contractor)

RadioSpirits, LLC
Retail Industry (Classic Radio Show Media Services)
July 2014

Part-time project completed remotely. Client requested that an automated email builder be developed to replace the manual process they used to produce text and/or HTML formatted emails for marketing blasts. The application was designed to accept the user’s input, such as offer codes, offer expiration dates, background color, featured product selection (including image and description). The marketing user could also select predesigned templates that would ultimately be populated with their input. Sections of the template could also be activated for the specific campaign, such as linking to their other websites or to social media. The application also generates the required tracking URL and link for the email marketing campaign. Responsible for designing and developing both the application and the small database used to keep track of the offers and corresponding offer details. The application was built using ASP.NET MVC with a SQL Server backend.

Technology: ASP.NET MVC, .NET 4.5, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Visual Studio Online

Developer (Contractor)

GS Reptiles
Snake and Reptile Trader
April 2014

GS Reptiles specializes in the breeding and selling of snakes, particularly pythons. The owner wanted to have a web presence so that he could advertise
his snakes to potential buyers. He wanted a simple design that highlighted his product and use a content management system that would enable him to directly update his inventory and the content.

Responsible for the developing the site using WordPress and establishing the first iteration of the site and content. Once released, educated the owner on the site’s usage and supported him during the initial period of content changes

Technology: WordPress, MySQL

Developer (Contractor)

RadioSpirits, LLC
Retail Industry (Classic Radio Show Media Services)
November 2013 – January 2014

Part-time project completed remotely. Client needed a private web application that enabled company employees to create and maintain an inventory of audio file and product collections. Security used Windows authentication. The application allowed users to manage audio files details, such as title, broadcast date, episode name, length, media type, and images. In addition, users were able to maintain product collections that bundled multiple audio files. The collections contained properties such as the number of episodes, publisher, ISBN and defined the vendors, such as iTunes and Audible, that would carry the collection and for how long. The application also supported reporting using predefined report requirements that could be exported to Excel as needed. The application was built using ASP.NET web forms and SQL Server as the backend. Defined the requirements with the client and designed quick prototypes of the screen for client review. Once approved, designed the database model, implemented it, and created procedures needed to support the application. Designed and developed the UI and supporting business and data layer. At the end, documented the application and trained the users in how to use it.

Technology: ASP.NET Web Forms, .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio Online, T-SQL, Javascript

System Architect/Team Lead (Contractor)

Verus Claims Services, LLC
Legal Services Industry
March 2006 – December 2013

Responsible for the development of a portal-based website for a claims management firm specializing in asbestos class action settlements and bankruptcy trusts. During the initial phase worked directly with two of the firm’s partners to design and develop the application. Requirements were to design and implement a secured website that enables participating law firms to upload/submit claim data (via input screens or Excel documents) and supporting documentation (PDFs/TIFFs). Additionally, the site is the primary management tool used by internal users. It allows processors to manage an injured party’s claim from the initial submission all the way through payment using automated validation, reporting, and data input screens. The framework supports multiple trusts allowing for trust-specific logic and modules to be introduced with little or no impact to the other trusts. The system continues to be enhanced with new functionality and has, thus far, processed 3.5 million claims with over 1.5 terabytes of supporting documentation.

Also worked closely with VP of Technology/Partner to plan upgrades of the development, testing, and production servers, evaluate services, define processes for development and testing, and installed and configured new technology such as Team Foundation Server and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Technology: Team Foundation Server, C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, SQL Server

.NET Developer (Contractor)

Marketing and Advertising Industry
November 2007 – December 2007

Developed product locator functionality for an oil manufacturer’s website that allows consumers to find locations where Hess’ oil products are used or may be purchased. The site uses Google Maps API to plot the locations based on a consumer’s search criteria. The search results also display any active promotions for each location. Also developed an administrative area that allows the account manager to upload new locations and promotions for display on the map. The upload tool accepts Excel data and geocodes any new or updated locations using the API.

Technology: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2000, Visual Source Safe. Google Maps API

Developer (Consultant)

E-Commerce Site
August 2005 – May 2006

Member of .NET development team contracted to produce a new e-commerce site, soundsgood.com. The site sells audio books and classic radio shows in various formats (CD’s, tape, and downloads). The site was a portal-based site with pages being dynamically generated using Web user controls. The portal architecture enabled the site to be branded for various storefronts with no changes to the core framework. Worked on improving search page performance and bugs. Developed administrative components that would allow site admins to modify content, such as editor’s pick lists or new releases. The site and admin tools were developed in VB.NET with web service interaction between the UI and business layer. Also developed backend sales and activity reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.

Technology: VB.NET, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 1.1, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server Reporting Services, Bug Tracker, Visual Source

Team Lead/.NET Developer

Fiserv – Interactive Technologies
Financial Services Industry
September 2004 – August 2005

Employed as a VB.NET developer in the Research and Development team. The area’s primary responsibility was the redesign and development of the new Advantage 6.0, billing system, framework and components. The new system was developed using the .NET framework, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. The architecture was redesigned as an object-oriented solution based on multiple design patterns (i.e. MVC, Template, and Abstract Factory). Participated in architecture design sessions, developed proof of concepts using Windows and Web user controls, designed a common user interface across both Windows and Web, and implemented abstract and RDBMS specific data layers. Served as team lead during the transition of the project to the development team.

Technology: VB.NET, ASP.NET, NET Framework 1.1, SQL Server 2000, Oracle, UML

Senior Developer

Prudential Financial
Financial Services Industry
June 2001 – August 2004

Served as a Visual Basic developer and systems analyst. Implemented a feed used to populate insurance agent data into a case management system called Commerce Agency. The feed was developed in Visual Basic using XML technology and Oracle. Responsibilities included mapping the data elements to the data model, analysis of the system, and implementation of the feed. Developed a reporting engine with Crystal Reports and VB to be used for commission tracking and HR purposes. In addition, worked as developer on the Outbrokerage Website. Agents use the site to access information related to the Prudential General Agency. The site was developed using the Retail Portal standards of XML and XSL. Worked on a reconciliation module used to reconcile commission information. Also designed and developed Field Management Reports using VB and Excel. The data for the reports is received from both an outside carrier and an internal business area and is loaded into an Oracle database for storage. Territorial vice presidents and directors use the reports to monitor field agent productivity on a weekly and YTD basis. The reports are generated weekly and emailed out to the recipients as part of a batch process.

Technology: VB, COM, ORACLE, Crystal Reports, XML, XSL

Sr. Programmer

Travel Management Partners Inc
Travel & Tourism Industry
November 1999 – May 2001

Served as the lead Visual Basic programmer developing and designing an online reservation system for the corporate traveler. The system was built from scratch and allowed users to make travel reservations for air, car, and hotel using an Internet browser. Responsibilities included writing the technical specifications, designing the database layout, writing the PERL parsers, and implementing COM objects written in Visual Basic. The COM objects provided all the functionality needed to communicate with the Computerized Reservation System (CRS) and the ASP pages. In addition, assisted in the design of an online meeting reservation system for the Meetings department. Designed the database and aided in the programming of the system.

Technology: VB, COM, PERL, ASP, HTML, SQL Server

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“As it relates to software development, Jennifer is the complete package plus some. Over the past year and a half, I have the pleasure of working alongside and collaborating with Jennifer on a spectrum of projects that range from basic maintenance work to building a brand new product from the ground up. Regardless of the situation or level of complexity a project may require, Jennifer brings a level of inspiration and confidence to the team that always results in success. While her technical skillset speaks for itself, it is her flexibility, personal drive and positive attitude that truly makes Jennifer one the finest developers to come through the doors of the USGA.”
J. Cavallo (Project Management & Quality Assurance), USGA

“Jennifer has worked with us for the past seven years on nearly every aspect of the design, development and implementation of a highly complex .NET application. Her extensive knowledge of the platform and creative thought process have been invaluable and enabled us to build the software that forms the heart of our company.”
M. Eveland (CEO), Verus, LLC

“Jennifer is an exceptional developer and team leader. During our work together on a range of complex software design and development initiatives, Jennifer demonstrated great technical skills and client management capabilities. Jennifer has a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of information technology combined with an acute sensitivity to the client’s business needs.”
M. Bush (Project Manager), ZI Solutions

“Jennifer is personable, good at managing details and setting expectations. Our team was very pleased with the work she did for us.”
R. Reinhart (Account Director), MS3

“Jennifer joined our development team at ZI Solutions, as a Senior .NET Developer, for a key client in a highly visible project. Within weeks of her joining, the client stated just what a crucial member of the team Jennifer had become, and we all quickly realized how fortunate we were to have Jennifer representing ZI Solutions. In addition to being a top-notch developer who constantly pushes herself to learn the latest and greatest technologies, Jennifer has superior soft-skills. It’s these skills which enable her to communicate effectively with the highest level of management, and/or the most demanding client.I’m confident stating that consultants such as Jennifer do not come around often. I would highly recommend her for any position.”
G. Schiavino